In most cases our clients come to us with an idea. A user story where they know what kind of data they would gather, and what processes those would cover. They also tell us what outcome they would like. We then organize these, so that all users go through a number of steps and events where it’s easy to understand what is happening.

In the end our client gets an administration interface with details on what’s happening with their visitors. In the following you can see a short representation what our customers wanted. Please browse these examples and images about the result of the website development.

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Online quiz development desktop view - British Telecommunications branded custom online quiz
Online game high score mobile view - British Telecommunications branded custom online quiz

BT online game

Competitive online quiz with isometric map

This online quiz development was created for BT (British Telecommunications) for employer branding purposes. The online game was used at a music festival and has generated 1000+ plays daily. Mobile first UI, fast memcached based REST API runs in the background, connects 2 players or player-2-computer, and offers extensive admin monitoring of questions and game details. (2018)

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European Parliament

Euroscola online game for schools

This quiz game invites 1300+ schools in each semester to form teams and play to win a trip to Brussels, home of European Parliament. Other than a safe game engine, we have created a complex administration backend for managing schools, questions, email notifications, games and scores. (2015)

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We Are Open

Google CSR program

We have rebuilt this site in 2016 from ground up on an entirely WordPress theme, while migrating all previously existing company data. A sophisticated sign up procedure directs visitors into a longer sign up process, which is moderated by the operators, and then supporters get listed as a company among others.

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Dating application

N1TE for iOS

While working on Bluetooth Low Energy applications for the lighting and furniture industry, it came up to fully design and develop a dating application with search, matching, chat over Bluetooth, Push Notifications and In-App-Purchase functionality, that is much more similar to an “app” as how end users think about it. Other than designing the complete UI within Inteliza, we have developed the iOS version plus an extensive server side API and database.

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Restaurant listing, review, delivery and reservation

This is a good example of when you have an idea, and we come up with complete plans and production. Foodyny wanted a multilingual site where restaurants can list themselves for free, and can subscribe to premium plans based on what other functionality they could use: table reservation, touchscreen orders on site, home delivery with online payment, digital room service for hotels, and recipes and blogging for visitors. (2016)

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Bluetooth Low Energy

Dension custom hardware controlling applications

Over the years we have developed a series of applications for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows that implement custom communication protocol to the devices over Bluetooth Low Energy, with a wide range of User Interfaces for different purposes. These developments enable us to act as OEM partners with Dension to serve their international customers in almost all of the above listed industries. These applications are designed from ground up to control custom designed electric hardware over wireless networks or over custom USB protocol.

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Golf course management

TEE & YOU online golf course software

This online software is a rethinking of golf club management with Cloud Computing: all users and partnered clubs are managed in the same data space, always considering players’ convenience and the best interest of the clubs. It took us 2 years to launch, and have put an additional 4 years in developing and reinventing solutions. TEE & YOU has been the sole course management software in Pannonia Golf & Country Club since 2013.

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Auction site

Jewawa - Jewellery and Watches

We have created complete design, business processes, user stories and software development based on our client’s short brief. They wanted a site to advertise their (own) used products of jewellery and watches while accepting user generated content (ads) from anyone on a 1EUR / 1USD per ad basis.

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Music venue catalog

As a result of a series of articles we published for Heineken about their sponsored festivals and music events, we had been asked to design a small portal based on their existing data about (1) venues that serve their products (2) music related events at those places. We have built layouts to provide easy listing, filtering and search for near events, and have also introduced an RSS based news collector that showed related articles to certain bands or artists.

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