We have extended our operation to develop mobile applications in 2011, first for iOS devices, and for Android since 2013. We build native applications, with a linked web API or even a website if needed. This way, a number of our applications’ content can be edited on a web based admin back-end, or even have a public website with the same functionality. We have employed our first full-time iOS developer in 2015, and our Android background has been solid and trusted for years now. We have designed applications of many kinds from simple to very complex ones, whether it’s an in-house corporate software working on an intranet, or an offline mini-game used for BTL events, or a more robust application with server-side rest API running on multiple platforms, both phone and tablet, published in the App Store offering In-App-Purchases. Here are some solutions we have implemented so far:  

End to end solution

Complete design and programming for start ups, optional linked website with admin options. Complete server-side database solutions and REST API.

Google APIs

Map based solutions, routes, geocoding, Google Cloud Storage and Firebase services, voice recognition, text to speech, Google Translate.

Apple Integration

Downloadable free or premium applications published in the App Store, integration of In-App Purchases.

Commercial apps

Interactive product catalogue, traffic monitoring with license plate recognition, location based dating application.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Administering LED lighting, medical devices and Digital Audio Broadcasting radio hardware over Bluetooth connection.

Diverse functions

On demand video content with subscription, background text messaging (Android), mini-games and quizzes for BTL offline use.

Some examples

We have been doing 360-degree planning, UI design, process design and programming of start up ideas for over 10 years now. In case of mobile applications, our server-side solutions are implemented in order to provide the same data set and content for both iOS and Android, and ensure that the same business logic applies to all platforms. These procedures are developed by an individual programmer for server-side (back-end rest API), and our mobile developers call the same functions and services from this API. This is how for example Instagram brings up the same images for all users, or how an Android user chats with an iPhone user without any technical difficulties. Applications development timelines range between 30 to 300 days, very much depending on back-end or App Store needs. A good average for each ingredient is $3.000, meaning (1) planning and design + (2) iOS + (3) Android + (4) back-end programming is expected to be an $12.000 project most of the times. Subtract $3.000 if you don’t need a back-end, or add $3.000 if you need additional ingredients, like a Windows Phone version or a public website. Depending on the complexity of your app, this value may be 50% or 200% of this estimate. If you require marketing advisory or have us create your app’s text/image/video content, a 1 to 2 hour teleconference or meeting should help us create a better estimate.

Send us your plans and expectations of your future application, and we’ll get back to you either with a price estimate, or our thoughts and ideas on feasibility and execution.