Web portals, complex websites

Although we use WordPress as an engine for website development, we create a custom WordPress design from ground up, and take on web portal projects that need smart solutions with the good looks. Our customers are usually building their 3rd+ website with experience behind them. They chose us because now they know what their website could do for them with automated functions on a daily basis. They need programmers, not only designers.

Custom WordPress design with value added functions

If you’re into images and examples, we have some website development examples in our works section. Please visit and browse through them. If you would like to get a greater picture, or some inspiration on what you could get your website to do for you… here are some examples of common value added website functions:

Generating PDF files

tickets, price offers, print-ready plastic cards

Online payment

PayPal or direct credit card module


complete user management and password protected user area

User generated content

making visitors able to post their own content

Google APIs

retrieving GPS information or placing landmarks on Google Maps

Automated emails

sending customized email templates triggered by user actions

Programming interfaces

retrieving information automatically from your CMS or another website


taking care of your reservations and appointment schedule

Advanced search

filter cars, products or properties based on multiple fields

Application backends

creating database solutions and web based back-ends for mobile applications

Some examples

The complexity of these sites end up in project values between $3.000 and $20.000, and timelines of 30 to 200 days, as they may contain few to many smart solutions, other then the website’s looks. If you have an e-business in mind, that you’re not even sure whether that’s a “website” or rather an “online software”, that’s us. We also take on designing complete User Experience based on your brief: you tell us what your business goal is, we come up with a process and user interface to cover it with an easy to use and easy to maintain solution and exact pricing and timing.

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