Designing and developing
business and marketing related
digital products.


The software team of Inteliza has been developing digital products for over 10 years together. In our operation we create advertising software, online portals, mobile applications from the idea to working products, including design, planning, creating business processes, product development and consulting. While working for World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO, IAEA) we were responsible for the full service realization of their Biannual General Meeting under the supervision of WANO Moscow Centre and WANO London Centre. The organization of the event took 2 years, during which all software and communication materials were developed in house by our team. The three original owners coming from marketing communication, BTL communication and PR built mutual trust and appreciation towards each other, which led to founding E-MOTIONS Online Agency in 2005, the legal predecessor of Inteliza.

15 countries

We have worked for customers in several countries all over the World.

500 products

400+ online products and 100+ minigames or applications have been delivered.

200 clients

During 15 years in operation we have done business with an extensive clientele.

Work in the past

During our years in business we have created more than 400 online products and over 100 smaller applications, we ran our own portals, and launched such portals for our customers as Bayer’s national medical portal, Digistreet online store, European Parliament’s online game for 1300 schools, and a governmental portal for developing digital literacy, which earned Website of The Year 2014 in governmental category. Our company’s strength is having a marketing and business oriented mindset bound with a sound and versatile technological competence.

This is why we point out “We Speak Digital” in our communication. 

Founders of the company have created their first web based products in 1996. We took part in a number of Flash based development between 1999 and 2005. Our core team has been building CSS based sites since 2005, we have programmed our own custom content management system and offered it until 2008. Since 2008 we build all websites and portals on WordPress engine, but with a custom design and sitebuild from ground up. We have implemented plenty multilingual solutions, AJAX functions, automation based on comments and RSS, generated dynamic Excel and PDF files, deep programmed the entire Office software package in VBA, and have built custom WordPress themes and plugins. We often run into new clients that have been redirected to us by our quality competitors, either because of the nature and complexity of the task, or because of the time range and value of the project. We also develop mobile applications of greater extent for Apple and Android devices.

15 countries and growing

Going international was the result of a 10-year process. After our work with UK and Russian WANO offices, we became national representatives of a Dutch video-conferencing company in 2007. Despite educational and family history in the US that dates back to 1994 we first worked directly for an American enterprise in 2011. In the same year, Bayer opened an opportunity for us in Austria, and later we had businesses with Austrian, Czech and Serbian enterpreneurs, and created identity for a business strategy firm in Brazil. In 2015 and 2016 while working on mobile applications we have served German and Norwegian customers, and our biggest project of that season was for Belgium, while since 2017 we have been working with a yet undisclosed international sports federation in Switzerland.

Although we believe an online communication, and support digital nomadism, part-time and teleworking,  in 2013 we have moved into Duna Tower with our office to welcome our multinational clients in a more conservative business environment. With all that international experience, we decided to rebrand ourselves, and from 2017 our development team entirely operates under the brand of US based Inteliza, Inc. with the same profile: designing and developing business and marketing related digital products.