We’re always looking out to extend our network of developers in Europe. In 15 years we came to believe that teleworking and part-time deals provide a feasible work together, with a better quality of personal life. Digital nomads ourselves, we are open to work with you, no matter what part of the World you feel like at home, or even if you are on the move.

Account / East Coast US (freelance)

New customers are rising from Florida to Massachusetts, and being available in different time zones is getting hard. We’re looking for someone with good online development terminology to liaise and represent us towards newly acquired clients. We’re open to any solution on a per project basis, although we have something in mind, let’s email about it.

  • Required: native English, US East Coast based, understanding web/app at junior (not developer) level.
  • Happy if you know: Office products, admire typography, using (not developing) WordPress.
  • Regular tasks: liaise over phone and e-mail towards clients we already have a contact with. You don’t have to do any cold calls or bring in new sales. Attending a kick-off meeting on your own, understanding clients’ needs, briefing developers and managing the project is the main task. Sometimes creating a new offer, user documentation, or training clients’ employees to use our product should occur. If you do that already for your own business, or as a freelancer, you’ll be OK.

PHP developer (part-time)

We’re developing modules for our custom WordPress Themes, and we’re looking out for partners to contemplate. We’re open to any part-time solution deal on a monthly basis.

  • Required: PHP, MySQL, WordPress functions, JQuery, HTML, Git.
  • Happy if you know: MongoDB, Amazon Cloud or Google Cloud (Firebase, Java/Kotlin).
  • Regular tasks: developing functions listed in our Complex Websites page, creating WordPress page templates and set of functions, or combining some functionality into a custom simple Plugin and into WP admin pages.

iOS developer (part-time)

We create new solutions, as well as have existing products that need care. We provide specifications and UI, even a rest API if applicable, and you provide the code.

  • Required: Objective-C, JSON.
  • Happy if you know: local database solutions, popular Xcode Pods and APIs, Swift.
  • Regular tasks: developing functions listed in our Application Development page, creating projects from ground up, updating existing products, iOS updates, helping in feaseability brainstorming, publishing apps and updates in the App Store.

Sitebuilder (freelance)

Time to time we need to do more designs than we can build. A good responsive build occasionally needs to come from outside our core team. That’s when you step in.

  • Required: OSX, Sketch, Photoshop, WordPress, CSS3, HTML5, JQuery, Bootstrap, Less/SCSS, git.
  • Happy if you know: video editing, SVG.
  • Regular tasks: creating index, archive, single and page templates using our Bootstrap skeleton theme, to build a custom WordPress Theme based on the graphic designs we provide. Including linking meta fields or Advanced Custom Fields to the provided sample content in WP admin.


Just send some details about yourself. Please review our Privacy Policy & GDPR page before submitting forms.